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Our BEST VALUE package!


For $599/month you get up to 10 of our incredible OMS Assessment reports to use in conjunction with your hiring, selection and employee engagement or managment processes.  


What you get:

  • Full OMS Report - A detailed (up to 22 page report) on the behavioral traits and needs of your candidate.
  • OMS Snap Report - A quick down and dirty report on who your candidate is behaviorally.
  • Interact Report - A "how to" playbook for managers to help get the most from their new hires.
  • Coaching Report - A quick guide for managers to coach their reports to great success!

     Note - For Interact and Coaching Reports, manager must also have OMS Report.


*This is a recurring monthly charge, with signed 12 month subscription agreement.  After 12 months, the agreement automatically renews unless cancelled in writing 30 days prior to renewal.  We can not prorate monthly charges or assessments and no refunds or credits are offered for unused assessments.  There is no roll-over of unused monthly assessments.  If customer requires additional assessments in any month, they can be purchased individually at a cost of $60, each.

Bowl me over! I want a striking 10 OMS Assessments per month!