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Job Modeling

If you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time.                       -Zig Ziglar

Job Benchmarking Done Right


Old Zig was right! 


If you have no target, you'll never hit your objective. This holds true for your people decisions too.


That's why we offer the JAX (Job Analysis Expert) as our job modeling/benchmarking solution. JAX is a comprehensive, yet simple way to build behavioral benchmarks for any or all the roles at your company.  


The Problem: Shooting in the dark!


Without comparative job-related performance criteria, instruments measuring personality constructs have little if any value in the selection process. When hiring managers simplify, generalize, or stereotype their jobs behavioral expectations, all too often they find out that their assumptions were wrong, and the people they were trying to hire were not the people they really needed.


The Solution:  JAX - Assess - Compare.


A collaborative, behaviorally-anchored Questionnaire, JAX is a team process that enables people in and around a job to combine their unique perspectives to fashion a consensus and create an OMS job pattern. The JAX pattern identifies the behaviors necessary for successful performance, the motivating needs the job activities appear to satisfy, the talents and behavioral abilities that feed into job competencies, and any disconnects between the specific job pattern and the overall work culture.


JAX is applicable to all jobs, at all levels, in any organization and the pattern can be validated or reinforced in many circumstances by comparing the results to the patterns of actual job incumbents. JAX is a far more versatile job analysis process than simple job sampling, which creates psycho-metrically questionable averages (unlike real people in the job). JAX also enables modeling for jobs still being constructed, and can be scored quickly with the results available instantly in the OMS client's portal.



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