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Coaching People

Great people in = Great work out. 

People Are Your Most Valuable Resource -


Every business owner and manager knows that having reliable and relevant information is the only way to make accurate decisions and forecasts.


OMS is the perfect management tool to help you make your best PEOPLE decisions.  After all, your people are your most valuable assets.


From job modeling to great hiring decisions to building fantastic work groups and teams, no manager should be in the dark.


Come into the light!  Let OMS help guide you through the tough people decisions you must make every day.


Here are just some of the great management features of OMS:


  • Using algorithms, objectively compare employee and candidate OMS results to company created job models to determine compatibility, behavioral and motivational fit, and development needs.

  • Instantly determine the level of compatibility of one or multiple candidates to any number of current or prospective jobs.

  • Analyze jobs to create precise, detailed models incorporating essential behaviors and motivating needs.

  • Identify specific candidate competencies and behaviors to probe during interviews and reference checks.

  • Search your OMS database to identify employees with behaviors and motivation compatible to specific jobs.

  • Build teams to meet specific behavioral expectations and needs.

  • Analyze work groups to determine the behavioral impact of training and management interventions.

  • Analyze sales force abilities and align specific people with specific talents to specific markets or product/service offerings.

  • Match sales and support people to the needs and requirements of specific accounts and buyers.

  • Give members of employee teams the insights and understanding needed to improve team cooperation, communication, and performance.


OMS from Hire Capacity, your Talent Management Solution System!


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