Hire Capacity - The Single Finest Hiring Assessment for 2016 and Beyond!

Hire [hahyuh-r]:  To engage the services of a person for wages.

Ca·pac·i·ty  [kuh-pas-i-tee]:  Actual ability to perform.

Hire Capacity: To engage the services of a person for wages, who has the actual ability to perform!

HIRE CAPACITY - The best way to hire, manage and coach your employees today!



We’ve all been there; a job that we hate...but we do because we need to, or it’s expected of us.  What's more, some people who feel that way are working for you...right NOW!

What if we could accurately predict an employee's likely success and enjoyment in a job just by using the right hiring assessment - before bringing them on board? 

What if we could find the right person for a job, any job, and then let them use their innate strengths to soar to great heights, greater job satisfaction and greater company profits?

That’s what Hire Capacity is all about...using the "state of the art" hiring assessment to bring the right people on board!

Today, through our cloud based hiring assessment that takes 5 minutes or so to complete, Hire Capacity, via the Organizational Management System (OMS), has the ability to match candidates with your company's job needs. This leads to win/win situations for both company and employee. OMS can be used as a pre-hire assessment or with existing employees.

What's more, by using our proprietary Job Analysis Expert (JAX), the employer can pinpoint the qualities they want from an employee in any job/role and then hire to match the job-profile that they themselves have created.

  • It’s amazingly fast!
  • It'’s obscenely simple!
  • It’s stunningly accurate!
  • It's the hiring assessment your business should be using!

But OMS is much more than just a hiring assessment tool.  It's also a Management, Motivation and Coaching tool!

Hire Capacity and OMS, two names you can build your work-force for 2015 and beyond around!