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Hr Recruitment

HR & Recruiting: 
Hire Capacity Cuts DOWN YOUR STRESS.


You need to Recruit Faster and Hire Better, with Fewer Hassles and Surprises....Right?


Take a deep breath - Hire Capacity and OMS can make that happen!


What’s in it for you, the HR or Recruiting Professional?


  • Get to the decision-making stage faster; Reduce time to hire, which also saves money!

  • Reduce cost per hire!

  • Help to negate Unconscious Bias.

  • Save personal time – Meet your goals and efficiently manage your projects and recs.

  • Hire more productive people who will likely stay longer!

  • Communicate more clearly with your internal clients at every stage.

  • Interview and reference check in more depth and with greater job relevancy!

No matter what industry you are in, no matter what level you're hiring for and no matter what division of the organization’s business, OMS from Hire Capacity offers you a set of assessment and decision-making tools unlike anything else you may have used!


OMS is a Cloud Based application delivering two incredibly versatile instruments: the JAX (the Job Analysis Expert) and the OMS Questionnaire itself.

With our unique data analysis and management technology, you can:


  • In less than an hour, create detailed, multi-dimensional behavioral job models along with your internal clients, so that you get immediate buy in with no misunderstandings later.

  • Automatically integrate OMS with your Career Site to precisely pre-screen applicants against current and potential jobs. This allows you to quickly identify the candidates to talk with first!  A real time saver!

  • Identify candidate motivating needs, talents and abilities…like job behaviors, developmental priorities and fit with your company culture in just a matter of minutes. You can immediately build this knowledge into your interview and reference checks.

  • Make hiring decisions based on comprehensive, job-relevant objective information.

  • Compare the behavioral fit and abilities of your short-listed candidates in an objective and quantifiable manner for both current and potential future job assignments.

  • Allow leaders to understand their new people deeply from day one. This helps new hires onboard quicker and ramp up faster...yet another time saver!


Save time? Save Resources? What are you waiting for?  It's time to call Hire Capacity now!

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