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Hiring Sales People


...And It's Never Been Easier To Upgrade Your Sales Team.


There is no more powerful tool in the sales assessment marketplace today than OMS' SellingOptix report.  Period.


SellingOptix is our proprietary report that immediately compares any candidate against multiple embedded job models and offers instantaneous feedback whether the applicant has the behaviors necessary to succeed in any of nine different selling environments.


What's more, SellingOptix requires no specialized training to use!  Any sales manager or hiring manager can easily and instantly determine if their applicant has a Low, Marginal, Moderate or High likelihood of success in one of the nine selling styles.


Why waste time talking with candidates that likely won't meet with success in your sales role?  Or, you may find that a candidate that applies for one sales role with your company is better suited for a different sales role in your organization.


Stack the hiring deck in your favor!  Hire Capacity's OMS SellingOptix report...the only report you need to create a world class sales team!

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