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Sales Hiring - an Art and a Science

sales hiring

Hiring the right salespeople can be the difference between a thriving company and a struggling one. The sales team is, many times, the driving force behind a business's revenue - making it crucial to bring aboard individuals who not only have the skills but also the right behavioral characteristics and personality traits. Understanding these traits can help you build a team of high performers who can propel your company to new heights.

Behavioral Traits for Successful Sales Hiring

Resilience and Tenacity

  1. Successful salespeople are resilient. They face rejection more often than success, and it's their ability to bounce back from setbacks that sets them apart. Resilience is when paired with tenacity—the drive to keep pushing forward despite obstacles, makes for a combination that ensures that top salespeople don't get easily discouraged and are always ready to seize the next opportunity .

Empathy and Active Listening

  1. The best salespeople understand their customers' needs and concerns. They practice empathy, putting themselves in their clients' shoes to fully grasp their problems and desires. Active listening is a critical component of empathy. It allows salespeople to pick up on subtle cues and tailor their pitches to address specific client needs, building stronger relationships and trust and ultimately closing deals.

Adaptability and Flexibility

  1. The sales landscape is constantly evolving. Whether it's a new product, a shift in market dynamics, or changes in customer behavior - successful salespeople are highly adaptable. They can pivot strategies quickly and are comfortable with change, making them more effective in dynamic environments.

Self-Motivation and Independence

  1. Top salespeople are typically self-starters who thrive on autonomy. They don't need constant supervision or micromanagement. Instead, they are driven by their own goals and the desire to succeed. This independence often correlates with a high level of personal accountability, as they take ownership of their successes and failures.

Sales Hiring - The secret sauce

They are Achievers

  1. Achievers are highly goal-oriented. They set ambitious targets and are relentless in their pursuit. They thrive on competition and often seek out roles where their performance is directly tied to measurable outcomes. Achievers are typically confident and assertive, using their drive to inspire and lead others.

They are Persuaders

  1. Persuaders are natural influencers. They possess strong communication skills and can articulate ideas clearly and convincingly. They are charismatic and can easily build rapport with a wide range of personalities. Persuaders excel in roles that require negotiation and deal-making, as they can sway opinions and close deals effectively.

They are Relators

  1. Realtors are relationship builders. They prioritize long-term connections over quick wins, understanding that trust and loyalty can lead to more sustainable success. Realtors are empathetic and often have high emotional intelligence, making them adept at managing client relationships and navigating complex interpersonal dynamics.

The Can Read The Room

  1. Some people can just instinctively get a quick sense of what’s going on around them and are adaptable enough to pivot on a dime when necessary. Being able to “read the room” is a trait of those that pick up on social cues, body language and facial expressions. Top sales professionals are able to quickly and accurately get a temperature of their situation and adjust to those dynamics quickly.

Successful sales hiring goes beyond looking at resumes and former sales awards. It's about understanding the behavioral characteristics and personality profiles that drive top performers. By focusing on resilience, empathy, adaptability, and self-motivation, and recognizing the unique strengths of achievers, persuaders, relators, and analysts, you can create a well-rounded and highly effective sales force. Investing in the right people will not only boost your bottom line but also foster a positive and dynamic sales culture that can sustain long-term success.

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