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Sales Hiring Requires Only 2 things

Updated: Jun 14

sales hiring

In the world of sales, finding the right talent is crucial for success. However, not all sales roles are created equal. 

Only two things matter. 1. Understanding the type of sale, your sales team has to make and 2. Understanding the behaviors of your sales candidates.

For example, the skills required for a transactional sale differ significantly from those needed for consultative or relationship sales. Overall, there are about nine different selling environments. This is where behavioral assessments can make a sizeable impact, helping businesses identify the right candidates for their specific sales needs. Let's explore how different types of sales require unique behavioral skills and how assessments can aid in this discernment. In this article we are only going to address transactional, consultative and relationship sales, however the same principle applies for all nine selling environments.

sales hiring for Transactional Sales: Speed and Efficiency

Transactional sales focus on quick, one-time sales of products or services, often with a heavy emphasis on features and benefits. In these roles, salespeople need to be highly efficient, detail-oriented, and persuasive. They must quickly build rapport, highlight key product features, and close deals swiftly.

Behavioral Skills Needed:

  • Efficiency and Time Management: The ability to handle multiple sales quickly and efficiently.

  • Persuasiveness: Convincing potential customers in a short amount of time.

  • Detail-Oriented: Paying attention to product specifications and customer needs to effectively highlight benefits.

How Behavioral Assessments Help: Behavioral assessments can identify candidates who thrive in fast-paced environments and possess the necessary traits for transactional sales. By evaluating traits such as urgency, assertiveness, and attention to detail, businesses can select individuals who are naturally inclined to succeed in this high-speed, high-pressure sales context.

Sales hiring for Relationship or Account Management Sales: Building Long-Term Trust

Relationship sales, also known as account management, focus on developing long-term relationships with clients. These roles require a deep understanding of the client's needs, consistent follow-up, and the ability to provide ongoing support and solutions.

Behavioral Skills Needed:

  • Empathy and Active Listening: Understanding and addressing the client's needs and concerns.

  • Reliability: Consistently delivering on promises and maintaining trust.

  • Communication: Strong verbal and written communication skills to keep clients informed and engaged.

How Behavioral Assessments Help: Assessments can pinpoint candidates who excel in building and maintaining relationships. By measuring traits like empathy, patience, and interpersonal skills, businesses can identify individuals who are well-suited for roles that require nurturing and growing long-term client relationships.

sales hiring for Consultative Sales: Expertise and Problem-Solving

Consultative sales involve a more complex sales process where the salesperson acts as a trusted advisor, providing tailored solutions to meet the client's specific needs. This requires a deep understanding of the product, industry expertise, and strong problem-solving skills.

Behavioral Skills Needed:

  • Analytical Thinking: The ability to assess the client's situation and provide appropriate solutions.

  • Expertise: In-depth knowledge of the product and industry.

  • Problem-Solving: Crafting customized solutions to meet unique client challenges.

How Behavioral Assessments Help: Behavioral assessments can identify candidates with strong analytical and problem-solving abilities. By evaluating traits such as critical thinking, technical knowledge, and innovation, businesses can select individuals who are capable of providing high-value consultative services and building trust as expert advisors.

The Bottom Line

Behavioral assessments offer a strategic advantage in hiring the right salespeople for different types of sales roles. By understanding the specific behavioral traits required for transactional, relationship, and consultative sales, businesses can make informed hiring decisions that align with their sales strategies. This not only improves hiring accuracy but also enhances overall sales performance and client satisfaction.

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