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Hiring Salespeople often feels like a crapshoot.  Most hiring managers go with a gut feel.  We know this, because they tell researchers this is how they do it!  What’s more, we know you’ve done this too!  The problem with gut feelings is that they are wrong as often as they’re right.


The real question is....CAN THEY SELL?


What you need is a phenomenal sales personality assessment test.  With SellingOptix from Hire Capacity you now have an objective way to measure sales ability.  We can help you understand a candidate's ability to sell in one of 9 different selling environments.   


What is the cost of a bad hire?  Most research pegs it from 1 to 1.5x their annual salary.  The cost of not knowing is exponentially higher than our SellingOptix report. 


Put the hiring odds in your favor with SellingOptix from Hire Capacity.

SellingOptix Sales Personality Assessment

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